Top Mountains to Climb Around the World

Partner and senior board adviser at Olesis Management, Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza provides investment consulting services to clients from around the world. When he is not working, Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza enjoys staying active through mountain climbing.

The world has a wide variety of breathtaking mountains, each of which offers a unique climbing experiences. K2, on the border of China and Pakistan, may be the world’s second tallest mountain, but it actually constitutes a more difficult climb than Mount Everest. Climbers may choose from several routes to the mountain’s peak, most of which start from a base camp in Pakistan. Although the Abruzzi Spur route is the most commonly hiked route, it is also the most dangerous.

A slightly easier mountain is Mount Khuiten in Mongolia. Surrounded by one of Earth’s last remote areas, the climb is full of unique sites and experiences, such as the hospitality of the area’s nomads.

For many, climbing the Matterhorn in Switzerland is a testament to climbing’s purist traditions. As Europe’s most recognized mountain, the Matterhorn offers several routes suitable for almost all skill levels, and it is one of the world’s most popular climbs.

When traveling across the pond is not an option, climbers can go to Mexico, where they can climb Citlaltepetl and Iztaccihuatl. As North America’s third and seventh highest mountains, respectively, the two extinct volcanoes are best suited for more experienced climbers.

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Can Aspirin Help Reduce Breast Cancer Mortality Rates?

A graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science, Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza now works as a partner and senior board advisor at Olesis Management. Focusing primarily on high net-worth individuals, Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza provides financial guidance and manages more than $100 million in investible assets. He is also a supporter of the International Cancer Foundation.

Thanks to the support of donations worldwide, the International Cancer Foundation and other entities are better able to develop advanced treatments for one of the planet’s most deadly diseases. And while technologically advanced treatment methods are a welcome sight, a viable treatment could be as close as the medicine cabinet.

In 2010, Michelle Holmes and Wendy Chen, physicians and faculty members at Harvard Medical School, published an observational study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology linking aspirin to the reduction of breast cancer. According to the study, women with the disease that took aspirin at least once per week decreased their chance of dying from breast cancer by 50 percent. Randomized clinical trials are yet to be conducted, which many believe is because the affordability of aspirin could cause large pharmaceutical companies to lose billions of dollars.

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What Makes Contemporary Art?

A partner and senior board advisor at Olesis Management, Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza has almost two decades of investment and wealth management experience. Outside of his career, Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza has developed a vast collection of contemporary artwork and donates funds to museums that promote contemporary art.

Contemporary art is art produced by artists living in the 21st century or any works created in the last 50 years that reflect the social, political, and technological milieu of the time. Often contemporary art challenges the traditional views and ideas of what good or pleasing art is. Although it is difficult to define specific characteristics of contemporary art, the following is a general list of qualities one may see in today’s contemporary art:

1. Not associated with politics or religion. Contemporary art isn’t funded by institutions and more often conveys a personal message.
2. Rebellious. Many contemporary artists aim to be unique and shocking.
3. Multicultural. Contemporary art is often more global in perspective than art of the past.
4. Technologically advanced. Technology is used as either inspiration for pieces or to produce the pieces.
5. Focused on pop culture or modern issues. Today’s art focuses on issues such as acid rain and AIDS as well as pop culture.

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New Drug Shown To Be Effective Against Treatment-Resistant Leukemia

Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza works at Olesis Management as a partner and senior board advisor. Beyond dedication to his clients, Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza supports leukemia research, having recently founded the Alexcar Leukaemia Foundation which cares for patients diagnosed with the disease.

Among recent developments in the fight against leukemia, one of the most promising has been documented in a study from the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center that analyzed a new compound that eliminates leukemia cells. The study found that two daily doses of the compound TTT-3002 taken over the span of 10 days eliminated treatment-resistant leukemia cells from a group of mice. Additionally, the mice treated with the new drug survived around 100 days longer than non-treated mice and began experiencing normal bone marrow activity. In direct comparisons, the new treatment matched or bettered the performance of other leukemia drugs.

The study showed that the TTT-3002 compound is a very potent inhibitor of FLT3 gene mutation. While FLT3 genes normally produce an enzyme that replenishes bone marrow stem cells, they mutate in around 35 percent of acute myeloid leukemia patients, causing a treatment-resistant form of the disease. Results showed that the amount of TTT-3002 needed to stem mutations was around six times less than the inhibitor currently being tested in clinical trials.

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Serving Various Nations with Harmony in Liberty

Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza, partner and senior board advisor at the strategic financial investment firm, Olesis Management, previously served in the Private Investment Banking Division of Merrill Lynch International in London. He is fluent in English, Spanish, German, Italian, and French. Evincing a deep interest in philanthropy, Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza founded a non-profit called Harmony in Liberty.

Harmony in Liberty was established to provide health and education services and employment opportunities to the people of a variety of regions, including Northern Tanzania, Northern Zambia, and Myanmar. It also supports programs designed to bolster the self-sufficiency of the indigenous population of Papua New Guinea, and to ultimately reduce the effects of entrenched poverty.

The indigenous people of Papua New Guinea are the descendants of the nation’s ancient inhabitants going back approximately 50,000 years. Today, about one third of the country’s five million residents inhabit the highlands. More than 800 languages are spoken in the country, but most of the residents of Papua New Guinea understand the main language, Tok Pisin. Some of the traditional cultural practices still in effect include various complex ceremonies associated with marriage, death, initiation, and other rites of passage.

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Poverty Relief via Education

A knowledgeable private equity professional, Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza collects contemporary art and maintains membership in the Bagherzadeh Art Foundation. In addition, Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza established the non-profit Alexcar Leukemia Foundation and Harmony in Liberty, an organization that strives to relieve poverty by increasing educational opportunities for people in Zambia, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, and Myanmar.

Research suggests that education offers people a key means of emerging from poverty. In many under-developed countries, poverty extends from generation to generation because schooling remains regionally or economically unavailable. Moreover, many families opt to pull children out of school so that they can work, help with family chores or business, or even marry.

Integrating education into a comprehensive program that includes infrastructure development and health care often enables communities to improve their economic and living conditions in less than a generation. Although the situation enhances the lives of individuals and families, it also contributes to such global factors as political stability and the preservation of communities and cultures. Making education available to local residents also enriches understanding of human rights issues related to women, children, working conditions, and even law enforcement. Unlike relief efforts that dispatch basic survival supplies to meet immediate needs, education programs endure over a period of time. The duration of these efforts serve as a model that reinforces the advantages of education in providing employment opportunities.

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Deal Origination Best Practices

With nearly 20 years of experience in banking and finance, Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza serves as a partner and senior board advisor for the international firm Olesis Management. With a book topping $1 billion in value, Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza focuses on investments of $100 million or more.

Deal origination serves as the starting point for all private equity and other investment transactions. Finance professionals with expertise in this area often prove adept at envisioning a deal from start to finish. They recognize the potential for strong financial returns in specific investments, understand the need for capital and its best use, and capably assess income capacity and likely exit strategies. In fact, the current credit environment continues to spur companies to place more emphasis on deal origination, including scouting deals, courting clients, and marketing strengths and capabilities.

While in the past some organizations relied heavily on outside sources for deal origination, recent studies indicate that firms that integrate internal origination specialists and external origination consultants provide optimal benefits for the company and its clients. Venture and private equity firms with in-house origination principals and programs tend to generate robust performance across the board. These teams actively explore the capital markets for possible transactions rather than managing deals at the same time, giving them the focus they need to maintain a strong pipeline for other departments. Moreover, external consultants often attract a larger number of qualified investors to a deal because their client list extends beyond that of a single firm.

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Personal and Global Benefits of International Education

Financial adviser Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza has attended schools throughout Europe and in the United States. As a partner and senior board adviser at Olesis Management, Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza splits his time among New York City, London, and the island of Bermuda.

An international education benefits people of all ages and backgrounds. During the childhood years, education is instrumental in forming lifelong perspectives and beliefs. An international education cultivates tolerance of diversity and different perspectives that contribute to personal and professional success in adulthood. Cultural knowledge, as well as knowledge of multiple languages, is a valuable asset in today’s global society.

In addition to its personal benefits, international education encourages communication and cooperation between countries. Those who study abroad become informal diplomats for their home countries and for their countries of study upon their return. All nations benefit from citizens who are globally engaged and experienced in different cultures.

International education also provides economic benefits to participating countries. A host country receives money from students for their education and living expenses, while a provider country receives an internationally trained workforce. International education lays a foundation for economic cooperation between countries.

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Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza: Mt. Kenya Offers a Challenge to Climbers

A collector of contemporary art, Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza also supports an array of museums and galleries. Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza divides his time between London and New York, where he serves as the partner in an investment and consulting firm.

Located in London, the Tate Britain Gallery houses the United Kingdom’s national art collection, including pieces from 1500 A.D. to the present day. This summer (between June 5th and September 1st), museum patrons will have the opportunity to view the works of contemporary British painter Gary Hume. Curators have assembled a number of the artist’s works, providing a vibrant overview of Hume’s career. Of the 25 paintings, several have never been exhibited in the United Kingdom.

Known for such international exhibitions as Freeze, Door Paintings, and The Bird Has a Yellow Beak, Gary Hume has explored numerous motifs, ranging from high-gloss flowers to institutional doors. The pieces featured in the upcoming Tate Britain show demonstrate this breadth of range, as well as the artist’s ability to balance an image between abstraction and representation.

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Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza: A Breakthrough in Leukemia Treatment

Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza, a strategic investment consultant at Olesis Management, supports leukemia care and research. Solivellas founded the Alexcar Leukemia Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to patients and families living with leukemia.

Last month, scientists at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center published new research in leukemia studies related to B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, also called B-ALL. Research suggests that new gene therapy may provide a viable treatment option in patients for whom chemotherapy was not effective.

In scientific trials, patients were treated with genetically modified T cells that attacked their cancerous B cells. Patients also underwent stem cell transplants. In a promising outcome, the leukemia of all five patients went into remission.

Scientists are calling these results dramatic and exciting. Though the research is experimental, it could provide breakthroughs in treatment for a type of leukemia that has historically been life-threatening and lethal. The research was sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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