Poverty Relief via Education

A knowledgeable private equity professional, Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza collects contemporary art and maintains membership in the Bagherzadeh Art Foundation. In addition, Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza established the non-profit Alexcar Leukemia Foundation and Harmony in Liberty, an organization that strives to relieve poverty by increasing educational opportunities for people in Zambia, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, and Myanmar.

Research suggests that education offers people a key means of emerging from poverty. In many under-developed countries, poverty extends from generation to generation because schooling remains regionally or economically unavailable. Moreover, many families opt to pull children out of school so that they can work, help with family chores or business, or even marry.

Integrating education into a comprehensive program that includes infrastructure development and health care often enables communities to improve their economic and living conditions in less than a generation. Although the situation enhances the lives of individuals and families, it also contributes to such global factors as political stability and the preservation of communities and cultures. Making education available to local residents also enriches understanding of human rights issues related to women, children, working conditions, and even law enforcement. Unlike relief efforts that dispatch basic survival supplies to meet immediate needs, education programs endure over a period of time. The duration of these efforts serve as a model that reinforces the advantages of education in providing employment opportunities.

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