Personal and Global Benefits of International Education

Financial adviser Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza has attended schools throughout Europe and in the United States. As a partner and senior board adviser at Olesis Management, Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza splits his time among New York City, London, and the island of Bermuda.

An international education benefits people of all ages and backgrounds. During the childhood years, education is instrumental in forming lifelong perspectives and beliefs. An international education cultivates tolerance of diversity and different perspectives that contribute to personal and professional success in adulthood. Cultural knowledge, as well as knowledge of multiple languages, is a valuable asset in today’s global society.

In addition to its personal benefits, international education encourages communication and cooperation between countries. Those who study abroad become informal diplomats for their home countries and for their countries of study upon their return. All nations benefit from citizens who are globally engaged and experienced in different cultures.

International education also provides economic benefits to participating countries. A host country receives money from students for their education and living expenses, while a provider country receives an internationally trained workforce. International education lays a foundation for economic cooperation between countries.

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