Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza: Mt. Kenya Offers a Challenge to Climbers

A collector of contemporary art, Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza also supports an array of museums and galleries. Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza divides his time between London and New York, where he serves as the partner in an investment and consulting firm.

Located in London, the Tate Britain Gallery houses the United Kingdom’s national art collection, including pieces from 1500 A.D. to the present day. This summer (between June 5th and September 1st), museum patrons will have the opportunity to view the works of contemporary British painter Gary Hume. Curators have assembled a number of the artist’s works, providing a vibrant overview of Hume’s career. Of the 25 paintings, several have never been exhibited in the United Kingdom.

Known for such international exhibitions as Freeze, Door Paintings, and The Bird Has a Yellow Beak, Gary Hume has explored numerous motifs, ranging from high-gloss flowers to institutional doors. The pieces featured in the upcoming Tate Britain show demonstrate this breadth of range, as well as the artist’s ability to balance an image between abstraction and representation.

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