Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza: Humanitarian and Emergency Relief Efforts of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta

Dedicated to helping sick and needy people worldwide, regardless of race or religion, the Knights of Malta maintains a long history of distributing food and supplies within natural disaster and armed conflict zones. The Order’s global relief service, Malteser International, also has worked extensively with the United Nations and others to coordinate rehabilitation and reconstruction programs in hard-hit regions.

The Knights of Malta has maintained a relief presence in nearly every major armed conflict of the last 100 years, including World Wars I and II and the Vietnam War. Within the last decade, it has organized and led refugee relief efforts in Afghanistan, Darfur, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

During that same time period, the Knights of Malta also provided much-needed medical care and supplies to people affected by natural disasters, including in earthquake-hit regions of Haiti and Chile in 2010, in Indonesia after the 2006 tsunami/earthquake, and in New Orleans, Louisiana, following Hurricane Katrina.

About the author: Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza of New York City donates his time and resources to charitable initiatives and nonprofits worldwide, including the International Cancer Foundation and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (also known as the Knights of Malta).

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