Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza: The Bagherzadeh Foundation’s Commitment to Advancing Art

An expert investment consultant, Jacinto Solivellas de Oleza serves as a member of the Bagherzadeh Foundation, a private US-based organization committed to improving human welfare in many dimensions. Among the Bagherzadeh Foundation’s programs, those of particular interest to Mr. Solivellas de Oleza concern the advancement of art.

The Bagherzadeh Foundation’s art and culture programming centers on Iran and the broader Islamic World. Recognizing that the Middle East is often misrepresented in the West, the Foundation sees artistic expression as a vehicle to link these diverse cultures and promote demystification and mutual understanding. By focusing on contemporary art, the Bagherzadeh Foundation helps to bring living Iranian and Islamic artists into global conversation on topics directly relevant to modern life.

The Foundation’s art-based efforts often involve partnerships with international groups interested in exploring art in a thought-provoking way. In addition to shows in the United States, the group has sponsored or coordinated expositions in a variety of countries, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, and China.

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